Alpine Program Fundraiser

For 20 years, our members have graciously raised money for our Alpine Programs, through our annual Alpine Event (formerly known as Black Tie & Blue Jeans, now affectionately known as our Yuk Yuk's Comedy Night). The funds raised provide the foundation of our Alpine Programs by grooming the way for the safety, growth, and development of our athletes.

The Toronto Ski Club is committed to providing a safe training environment for our athletes. By purchasing on-hill safety equipment, such as safety netting, padding, and crowd control, we can meet provincial, national, and international standards. Meeting these standards, allows us to host all levels of Alpine Events from grassroots to international. Alpine fundraising has allowed us to move from an archaic timing system and scoreboard to state-of-the-art ones. With enhancements such as these, which have been funded fully by the BTBJ/Comedy events, we are now able to proudly call ourselves a world-class venue, as we are leading the way in safety.

We are devoted to the growth of our athletes and the funds raised through Alpine fundraising permit us to purchase items such as dryland equipment. This equipment allows us to provide pre-season, off-hill training at little to no cost to our athletes. This translates to on-hill results, as a fit athlete is a fast athlete.

The funds help pay for the continued education and certification of our Alpine staff. We want to ensure our athletes have access to highly skilled coaches and instructors, as this is vital to their growth as athletes. By being able to provide superior coaching, our athletes are developing skills that allow them to compete at provincial, national, and international events. We recognize the expenses associated with athletes attending such events. Through funds raised, the club can offer bursaries to athletes, to help parents offset the cost of these types of events.

The Alpine fundraiser is integral to the Toronto Ski Club’s ability to deliver safe, inclusive, cutting-edge programming that fosters the passion for lifelong participation in winter sport. 

Alpine Programs Silent Auction

Saturday, January 27th
3:00 - 5:00 p.m.

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Yuk Yuk's Comedy Night

Saturday, February 3rd
Food, Drink, Comedy, Live Music and Dancing

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