Competitive Racing

Head Coach: Nick Kwasniak

Nick has a proven track record of success in the Alpine Industry, most recently as the Southern Ontario Division Program Manager with Alpine Ontario Alpin. In the roll of SOD Program Manager, Nick was responsible for leading, scheduling and coordinating SOD CUP races and Skills Development camps across Southern Ontario. Nick liaised with SOD clubs to update regional race guidelines, formats, and calendars and is a member of the Alpine Ontario Athletic Committee and OCUP Scheduling Committee. Nick was also responsible for supporting the SOD Ski Team.

Professional Certifications: ACA CSC Performance Level, CSCF Level 3, NCCP Level 3, CSIA Level 3 and brings with him over 35 years of ski and coaching experience.  In addition, he has held positions with the Alpine Ontario Development Team, National Ski Academy, the Vancouver Ski Team and Head Coach of the Sun Peaks Alpine Club. He has a keen interest in all sliding sports and has also coached with elite Alpine snowboard athletes.

"You have to be in it to win it, high performance athletes in any sport rise out of the recreational foundation. You have to love the sport for the fun of it before you can become the best at it."

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Competitive Programs

The competitive programs are designed to promote love of the sport and develop "SnowSport Enthusiasts for Life". In conjunction with Alpine Canada's SNOW STARS program, we base our programming on the design principals of Sport Canada's "Long Term Athlete Development Plan" and ACA's "Long Term Skiers Development Plan".