Competitive Programs

The competitive programs are designed to promote love of the sport and develop "SnowSport Enthusiasts for Life". In conjunction with Alpine Canada's SNOW STARS program, we base our programming on the design principals of Sport Canada's "Long Term Athlete Development Plan" and ACA's "Long Term Skiers Development Plan".

The OCUP series is the highest level of competitive ski racing in
Ontario for the U14 and U16 age groups. This series is the
primary choice for athletes who want to push themselves to their
fullest potential in the sport.
Competitions are held across the province where U14 and U16
athletes will participate in the inter-divisional racing series. From
here athletes can qualify for additional opportunities.
*Athletes who have an interest in enhancing their progress in the
sport are recommended to attend pre-season training camps.

U14 and U16 OCUP athletes compete at non qualifier OCUP events, speed
projects, OCUP finals (qualification). Athletes at this level often participate in
late season invitational/qualification events.
*All group training is completed with ACA-CSC/CSIA Certified Coaches


This is the ideal program for athletes who are new to ski racing or are
involved in other sports/arts etc. The SOD Cup seris challenges athletes but still keeps ski racing as more of a recreational activity.

SOD CUP athletes have the opportunity to particpate in club and interclub
races towards the end of the season and into March.

*All group training is completed with ACA-CSC/CSIA Certified Coaches