ski hill


It started in 1924 with a trailblazing membership that made it their mission to explore and ski as much downhill terrain that they could find, and who ultimately played a pivotal role in the establishment of skiing on the Niagara Escarpment.

Over the years, the Toronto Ski Club has continually strengthened with a family of Members who carry on the pioneering spirit.

Today, the TSC’s private clubhouse proudly sits at the base of Blue Mountain in Collingwood, Ontario. The club continues to welcome winter with ‘Best in Class’ Alpine Programs and Social Events. The Clubhouse provides the perfect place where families can share their enthusiasm for the season’s pleasures.

Not sure about a FULL Membership with TSC? Consider one of these first!

A TEST DRIVE MEMBERSHIP is a ONE YEAR Trial Membership for as low as $800 for a family of 4 (limited number offered seasonally)

A MID-WEEK MEMBERSHIP allows you access to the Clubhouse Monday-Friday throughout the season (excluding Christmas Holidays and March Break)