ski hill

Visiting Racer Information

Welcome to the Toronto Ski Club. Please read the Visiting Racer rules and information to ensure your time at TSC is a positive experience for all.

Race Notice - January 25th SOD Mackenzie Investments U12


Blue Mountain, North Parking Lot # P4. TSC LOT IS FOR TSC MEMBERS ONLY.

Drop Off

Athletes can be dropped off in lot Blue Mountain North Parking Lot #P4.

Change Area

1st Floor NORTH end, store bags in cubbies provided.
*Please Store ALL bags on 1st FLOOR ONLY. Bags will be removed from the second floor if left behind.

TSC Guest Badges

All Visitors to TSC must have Guest/Visiting Racer ID badge Guest/Visiting Racer ID badges are available at the Alpine Desk and should be returned at the end of the day.

Food Service

2nd Floor - all visitors must present a Guest Pass for food service. The Marche accepts cash only. An ATM is under the stairwell by the main entrance.

Lunch Area

Seating is available on the 1 st   Floor NORTH end & 2nd Floor.

Ski Racks

Please rack your equipment prior to entering the Clubhouse. Equipment left on the ground as it becomes a trip hazard for others and will be removed. All visitors must wear a Guest Pass inside the clubhouse.

On Hill Safety

BLUE MOUNTAIN is public resort and can be busy, be aware of public skiers & snowboarders. Please ski and ride in accordance with the Alpine Responsibility Code.

Any questions regarding Race events hosted at TSC please contact the TSC Alpine Programs Office at 705-445-1890 ext 29